13 Years of Experience


2024 - Present
Walmart Global Tech

Staff Data Scientist

🌟 Currently playing a leadership role and providing technical support in developing LLM-based solutions from images using language agents. Additionally, developing a mobile-based object detection modeling framework and guiding the data science team.
2022 - 2024
Walmart Global Tech

Senior Data Scientist

📱 Led the development of a mobile annotation tool (Android and iOS) as a tech lead, reducing the cost and speed of manual annotation with transfer-learned object detection (YOLOv8) and classification models (EfficientNet). Managed cross-functional engineering and product teams.
🔄 Proposed and directed an automated end-to-end model training and inference pipeline for Walmart's Data Science constellation, scaling dynamic product detection for multiple Walmart stores using 100+ custom-made cameras.
📏 Developed a novel architecture for dimension detection, saving thousands of dollars with in-house deep learning architecture similar to MiDAS (depth detection) and EfficientNet (classification).
⚙️ Orchestrated the deployment of a framework processing over 1,000 images per second, used for machine learning model inference (object detection & classification) with embedding vector databases.
🤝 Organized and led innovative research by hosting bi-weekly Data Science meetups and maintaining a mono-repo for knowledge sharing and team objectives.
2020 - 2022
Bayer Crop Science

Senior Data Scientist

🚜 Reduced labor and logistics costs by over 50% for North American and European canola operations by developing an automated UAV-based canola flowering detection model using DeepLab3, ResNet, OpenCV, and AWS-EC2.
🤖 Automated UAV-based cotton maturity detection for thousands of fields in North America using scalable deep learning solutions (YOLOv3, AWS-Sagemaker, Docker) and multi-year transfer learning. Collaborated with diverse stakeholders and used Git for version control.
💡 Developed navel and creativity embeddings for temporal models, leading to a patent. Utilized GANs (Pix2Pix, StyleGAN), Transformers, multi-band geospatial images (PyTorch), and SQL.
🌍 Enhanced operational team visibility by creating geospatial visualizations in Tableau. Leveraged geospatial expertise with packages like GDAL and Shapely.
🛰️ Conducted market analysis of satellite vendors, leading to the acquisition of new satellite products for R&D with a 5+ year vision.
👥 Assisted in recruiting data scientists for three teams by participating in the technical interview panel.
2018 - 2020
Bayer Crop Science

Data Scientist

🌾 Increased breeding pipeline efficiency and introduced bias-free automated information for global cotton stakeholders, saving nearly half a million dollars. Led and developed a UAV-based multi-flight cotton maturity detection framework, utilizing semantic segmentation models (UNet, RCNN), decision tree models, and CV algorithms (Canny Edge Detector) in Ubuntu using TensorFlow. The framework is implemented in production for 500+ flights each season using computer vision models.
🤖 Developed several automation modules for the first scalable UAV processing pipeline for the company, eliminating field notes for many crops and saving millions of dollars on field operations. Utilized geospatial Python libraries (Geopandas, Shapely, Kerus) in the Postgres server and conducted feasibility studies with IoT devices. The project won the Breeding Excellence Awards for 2021.
🚀 Orchestrated components of the global UAV-based soy maturity automation pipeline, creating several thousand acres of new soy maturity operations. Developed tools for color calibration, GCP detection, and maturity modeling, resulting in another patent for the company.
2015 - 2018
University of Rhode Island

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant

🌐 Developed a model predicting rotavirus epidemics in the developing world 1 month in advance using satellite data, under the "Control of Endemic Cholera in Bangladesh" project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
📱 Developed an irrigation app recommending watering schedules to farmers during a summer project with The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT).
📚 Research Fellow at RI-Water Resources Center.
2011 - 2014
Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM)

Research Associate

🌍 High-End Climate Impact and Extremes (HELIX)
🌾 Production and Service of Agro-meteorological Information for the Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh
📊 High-resolution Regional Climate Change Information for Bangladesh to inform impacts assessments


University of Rhode Island

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Master of Science in Water Resources Development

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering